Case Studies                                                                         

Pam, a 10 year old with ADD and Central Auditory Processing Disorder, struggled at home and in the classroom…

New Therapy Helps Balance Things
Interactive Metronome has helped a Waretown boy who has a processing disorder and a Toms River man who suffered a stroke.

Non-Verbal Learning Disability
… Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we utilize Interactive Metronome (IM) treatment as a complementary approach to traditional Occupational and Speech-Language Therapy services for Children.”

Pediatric Amputee
Interactive Metronome's 1st Rehab Patient

Pediatric Dyslexia Case Study
“Ann” is a fourteen-year-old female diagnosed with dyslexia.

IM Helps Children With Cerebral Palsy
Her personal goal was to wear a pair of blue jeans like all of the other children in her regular classroom.

Adult Rehab
A computerized metronome helps speed healing for brain-injury patients who have difficulty focusing, memory trouble or poor balance.

“William” was a six-year old boy, who was on the severe end of the stuttering curve. William liked to talk, but was reportedly becoming increasingly frustrated.......

Parkinson's Disease
The 65 year old woman with PD  missed the energy, flexibility and balance she once took for granted.....